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A species of rodent soon to inherit the earth after our demise
I saw a hamster plotting my death yesterday
by Zi October 03, 2004
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A hypothetical cat subjected to the difficult job of being both alive and dead at the same time for all eternity.
Schrödinger's cat is dead.
Schrödinger's cat is not dead.
by Zi October 03, 2004
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"Oh my God, What the fuck, Barbeque." A parody of internet acronyms, used sarcastically. It can be used at the same times one would use "omgwtf".
by Zi October 03, 2004
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A way of spelling goth often used to make fun of those who beleive that they are one. Used by people making fun of people who think they are goth.

Used to call one's self goth in a sarcastic manner in order to make fun of poseur goths.
Person making fun of gawth: look at me i am teh gawth i photoshopped a picture of myself in black eyeliner WOE IS ME MY LIF IS SO ANGST FILLED.
by Zi October 03, 2004
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A stupid word stupid freshmen use because they're stupid.
stupid freshmen: ur a fucktard
not stupid non-freshmen: You're an idiot.
by Zi October 28, 2004
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A hoofed mammal known widely for standing in fields and eating grass. it is also the subject of the myth of "cow tipping" and often used in many different ways for human and animal consumption.

The word 'cow' is said to be inheriently funny, and so cows are used in many jokes using animals. Gary Larson, author of The Far Side, is known for making countless comics featuring cows. Many people imitate the sounds of the cow to seem amusing or to fill in long, uncomfortable silences in conversations.
a: I saw a cow the other day.
b: haha
a: what? I really did.
b: oh.
by Zi October 03, 2004
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