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The most intelligent/maniacal/deviant one-year-old you will ever see in your life, and clearly the best character on Family Guy. Seth MacFarlane is such a damn genius.
"So, is there any tread left on the tires? Or at this point would it be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway?"

Stewie is a bad-ass muthaf****. Don't mess with the best.
by paper and pantry October 05, 2005
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Stewie Is The The Baby On The Family Guy, In My Opinion The Funniest Show Ever
The Life Of The Wife Is Ended By The Knife.- Stewie Trying To Teach Eliza To Talk Right
by jdawg12 July 30, 2005
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Stewie is along the lines of hyphy, mainy, & ignorant.
(It's that bay area lingo.)
I'm feelin' real stewie today.

John is lookin' real stewie.
by jz24 March 17, 2006
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a baby character in family guy who somehow talks so explicit not even his family doesn't even realize

a friend with a dog that can somehow talk and once again his family doesn't realize or even fucking care about it, THIS IS WHY WE FUCKING TAKE MEDS FOR DOGS THIS IS WHY BRIAN GOT IN A CAR CRASH YOU FUCKING SHI-

the guy who rides a tricycle and talks so explicitly in which he cant even ride a bicycle. what were peter and lois doing while having sex again?
stewie: hey brian, want to time travel again back to the 1900s to watch the titanic sink again? aw man, the glory.
brian: FUCK OFF PETE-- oh woof woof? i mean nah man you can go yourself ive already been in the bar enough with peter that i cant even fucking talk straight.

lois: stewie dont mess with peter's underwear its too big for you to fit in!!!1!1
stewie: fuck no motha this is better than using the tight ass baby diapers i always use, always made me uncomfortable as shit.

brian: *doesnt realize a car is about to hit him*
brian: bruh thats ridiculous you think that'll happen to my doggy ass va- *gets violently hit*
by dankr4idiator July 21, 2019
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A semi-erect penis.

To have sex with someone with a semi and leave halfway through.
How did it go with Joe last night?

Fucking terrible. The bastard stewied me.
by Jil-dawg April 26, 2014
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