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Someone that is the king of spaz/craziness, and liked in doing so. Derived from the dude Genghis Khan.
Gary: You know that kid with A.D.D.? John I think his name is?
Patrick: Yeah. That kid's a regular Dingus Khan.
by YapmelkXela October 16, 2009
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A phrase used by guys who like to give the woman all the attention - or at least the initial attention - in the bedroom.
Dude 1: Dude, why didn't you let her suck you off, dude?
Dude 2: Dude, it's all about the chick before dick.
by YapmelkXela September 29, 2009
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Music black people play at high decibel levels.
Maurice - Sup nigga?
Tyron - You gonna pump dat shit?
Maurice - Yeeeeeea boii!
Tyron - Haha! Yee!
White Onlooker - Those nigs and their nigjams...
by YapmelkXela December 14, 2009
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A sleepday is a day in which you have nothing of importance to do, and do nothing but lay in bed and sleep the entire day away. Tend to be pretty bad ass.
Nielsen: Hello, chap.
Oliver: Why, hello there. I had quite the sleepday yesterday.
Nielsen: That's fine. Why are you fucking my wife, Oliver?
Oliver: Huh?
by YapmelkXela February 20, 2010
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A very nice ass. Doesn't necessarily have to be huge, in fact, they're normally not. It's just a tasty looking bum-bum.
John: That slut sure knows how to make a guy feel good.
Eugene: Ohhh yeah. How about that bubblebum?
Together: OOHHHHH!!!
by YapmelkXela November 18, 2009
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Just a different way of saying "the shit" or "awesome." Where'd it come from you ask? It seems random you say? Well sir, I pulled it out of my ass.
by YapmelkXela September 15, 2011
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