33 definitions by YapmelkXela

A term used to make something better.
"Want a scrambled egg?"
"Make it bacon!"
"Two it is. Fat fuck..."
"Yo, what bitch?"
by YapmelkXela December 13, 2009
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is when you "rock out" or "jam" in your PJ's. While mostly common when playing the video game Rock Band, this can also be done playing 'real' instruments.
Henry: Hey, Sean, wanna pajam tomorrow morning?
Sean: Hell yeah Henry! I love pajamming after a sleep over with you!
by YapmelkXela December 07, 2009
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Used to describe a group of hardcore Paramore fans.
I don't know any Paranuts... but I have a pair a' nuts!
by YapmelkXela January 07, 2010
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Used most often on websites like Chat Roulette ... is used as often or less often than mits for tits. Usually a horny individual will say this as a way to entice a woman into showing him her breasts, in exchange for seeing his voluptuous man titties.
Guy: Hi.
Girl: Hi.
Guy: Asl?
Girl: 18.f.fl
Guy: cool.
*4 minute pause*
Guy: moobs for boobs?
*Your partner has disconnected*
by YapmelkXela March 06, 2010
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Contrary to popular belief, nignog is actually slang for "black cum."
Masturbator #1: Brah, you see all that nignog that bro laid?
Masturbator #2: No, sorry. Not into watching that black porno.
Masturbator #1: Faggot, wanna fight?
Masturbator #2: Nah let me cum first.
Masturbator #1: Werd.
by YapmelkXela November 28, 2009
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A very nice ass. Doesn't necessarily have to be huge, in fact, they're normally not. It's just a tasty looking bum-bum.
John: That slut sure knows how to make a guy feel good.
Eugene: Ohhh yeah. How about that bubblebum?
Together: OOHHHHH!!!
by YapmelkXela November 18, 2009
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