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A very nice ass. Doesn't necessarily have to be huge, in fact, they're normally not. It's just a tasty looking bum-bum.
John: That slut sure knows how to make a guy feel good.
Eugene: Ohhh yeah. How about that bubblebum?
Together: OOHHHHH!!!
by YapmelkXela November 18, 2009
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Other meth addicts that come around just to smoke your bubble but never have any drugs or money of thier own.
Hide your shit here comes another bubble bum.
by Phantasmaddiction November 01, 2015
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When someone chews gum with their ass and makes a bubble thus gives it the name bubblebum
that bubblebum you blew was fantastic
by Bubblewand colezeldin February 08, 2008
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