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A phrase meaning adult height as opposed to a child. Does not necessarily mean a person measures at least 72 but no more than 73 inches.
In the movie "Jack" they say Robin Williams is 6 feet tall even though he's actually 5'7".
by YO Man July 27, 2004

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The northernmost neighborhood in Manhattan, everything above Dyckman Street. Technically speaking, however, Marble Hill is the northernmost Manhattan neighborhood. However, people consider Marble Hill to be part of Kingsbridge in the Bronx, which it is not.
Inwood is above Dyckman, Washington Heights between 155th and Dyckman, and then Harlem, East Harlem, and Morningside Heights after that. Marble Hill, Riverdale, and Kingsbridge are north of Inwood.
by YO Man July 11, 2004

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A neighborhood in Yonkers, New York. Thought of by Yonkersites as being its own "stuck-up town", Crestwood chooses not to identify with the rest of Yonkers. It is entirely residential, middle to upper-middle class, and to compound their sense of being separate from Yonkers, it shares a zip code (10707) with the neighboring town of Tuckahoe.
Crestwood is the northeasternmost section of Yonkers, bound by the Yonkers city line and by Scarsdale Road, Crisfield Street, and Central Avenue. (plus maybe a couple of blocks over those boundaries.)
by YO Man July 07, 2004

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A region of New York State. While it technically could mean everything in the Bronx to Albany corridor, people who identify with this region are those who live just past the NY suburbs but relatively close to the city, typically in Dutchess, Ulster, Orange, or Putnam County. Poughkeepsie could be said to be the capital of the Hudson Valley region.
Everyone from this region thinks they are from "Po-town" (Poughkeepsie). Kind of like how everyone in Westchester thinks they are from the Bronx or Yonkers when they really live in Scarsdale.
by YO Man July 27, 2004

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A city that people in Westchester get lost in and say to themselves "This is actually part of Westchester?" Yonkers is becoming more and more like the Bronx every day, especially the neighborhoods to the south and to the west. It ranges from the end-of-the-Earth looking areas on Tuckahoe Road to lower middle class guido areas in the southeast to horrible ghettos in the Nodine Hill area.
Strangely enough, Yonkers and Scarsdale are both in Westchester County, but then again the destitute city of Newark as well as the upscale burg where Tony Soprano lives are both in Essex County.
by YO Man August 02, 2004

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That's not actually correct, JB. (I do love your upstate-bashing, though!) Originally Marble Hill was attached to Manhattan, but a canal was dug in the Harlem River which separated it from Manhattan and put it on the mainland. Though it has always been part of New York County, it is generally regarded as the Bronx. It looks like the Bronx, it feels like the Bronx, the address says Bronx, NY 10463, and the area code is 718.
When you're walking down Broadway, Kingsbridge (Bronx) becomes Marble Hill (Manhattan) after W 230th St, but there is no "Welcome to Manhattan" sign.
by YO Man July 07, 2004

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A town where people will look at you like you have 3 heads if you say you plan on attending a public university. The main town that gives Westchester County a bad name (or good name, which ever way you look at it.) The reason people think Westchester is full of snobs is mostly b/c of Scarsdale. A town whose postal address spans, literally, 6 towns, so that some people in Eastchester, Yonkers, Mamaroneck, New Rochelle, and Greenburgh can impress their relatives in Jersey by saying they live in "Scarsdale". A place where you are the pariah if you didn't get a Ferrari for your 15th birthday.
Everything that happens in Scarsdale is such a big fucking deal. Bomb threat at Scarsdale High School - front page of the newspaper. Bomb threat at Mount Vernon High School - wait, I've never heard of any bomb threats there...
The word "snob" derives from Scarsdale:
New york
by YO Man June 30, 2004

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