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What black people, and an increasing number of white people, call Yonkers, New York.
by YO MAN June 24, 2004
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A place predominantly known for its racetrack. Otherwise regarded as the "6th borough" of NYC (sometimes Jersey City/Hoboken is the 6th boro however.) For those of you not familiar with it, most of Yonkers is like Staten Island without the landfills; the downtown area is similar to Newark, N.J. Though located in notoriously wealthy Westchester County, Yonkers is largely middle and lower middle class and has little in common with the rest of the county and is probably more like New Jersey (Of course, this would have been an insult before the Sopranos made Jersey hip).
The two main ethnic areas are McLean Avenue/Woodlawn (Irish) and Dunwoodie (the Little Italy of Yonkers, where you literally can find people who look like they could be on Tony Soprano's crew). There is also an upper middle class area called Crestwood which doesn't like to identify with Yonkers.
Population 200,000
Area Code 914
Zip Code 107's
by YO MAN June 30, 2004
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A city that people in Westchester get lost in and say to themselves "This is actually part of Westchester?" Yonkers is becoming more and more like the Bronx every day, especially the neighborhoods to the south and to the west. It ranges from the end-of-the-Earth looking areas on Tuckahoe Road to lower middle class guido areas in the southeast to horrible ghettos in the Nodine Hill area.
Strangely enough, Yonkers and Scarsdale are both in Westchester County, but then again the destitute city of Newark as well as the upscale burg where Tony Soprano lives are both in Essex County.
by YO MAN August 02, 2004
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