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An inferior version of Yonkers. The northern half of Mount Vernon is a boring area called Fleetwood that looks like a clone of New Rochelle. The south side is a hellhole ghetto with like 2 white people which adjoins the similar Wakefield section of the Bronx.
Yonkers has 25 distinct neighborhoods. Mount Vernon just has Fleetwood. Who's more culturally sophisticated?
by YO MAN June 24, 2004
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Mount Vernon, NY. Near Yonkers and the Bronx. Used to have a large Italian-American population in the 60s and 70s, then a large black population moved in and the Italians moved to Eastchester (the next town up). Since then it has turned into a shithole.
MurDaVille is near my hometown of Yonkers.
by YO MAN June 30, 2004
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A town where Italian-American kids think they are ghetto in spite of the fact that they hate black people and drive BMW convertibles and Volkswagen Jettas to school while blasting rap, ironically. A place where parents pass on their working class Bronx values to their upper middle class children. A place where kids decide they should speak in a fake Bronx accent because they lived in Riverdale until they were 2. A town that will never let you forget it is only 5 miles from "Da Bronx."
People in Eastchester are a bunch of morons, but people at SUNY Binghamton were even more moronic, so I actually do miss Eastchester High in some ways.
by YO MAN June 30, 2004
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A town in Westchester where kids think they are "niggas" who are "from" the South Bronx because they lived in the Bronx's upper middle class Country Club section until age 1.
Eastchester is full of guidos
by YO MAN December 12, 2004
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That's not actually correct, JB. (I do love your upstate-bashing, though!) Originally Marble Hill was attached to Manhattan, but a canal was dug in the Harlem River which separated it from Manhattan and put it on the mainland. Though it has always been part of New York County, it is generally regarded as the Bronx. It looks like the Bronx, it feels like the Bronx, the address says Bronx, NY 10463, and the area code is 718.
When you're walking down Broadway, Kingsbridge (Bronx) becomes Marble Hill (Manhattan) after W 230th St, but there is no "Welcome to Manhattan" sign.
by YO MAN July 07, 2004
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