Popular shortened version of "open up a can of whoop-ass," a statement generally used as a threat, but can refer to a beating/act of domination that occurred in the past.
1. "If ya'll don't stop your bitchin' I'm gonna open up a can!"

2. "I'm finna open up a can on your stanky ass"

3. "The kids were so out of control I had to open up a can right in the middle of the 7-11!"
by naborsG January 14, 2006
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To unleash fury and anger, in the form of whooping ass
When Tom found out his friend Bill was nailing his girl, he solved the issue by opening up a can of whoop ass on Bill.
by EatingTacosRightNow January 3, 2016
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the self-inflicting nature of opening your mouth and saying things that are way out of line and inappropriate in respect to your current locale or circumstances; can also be doing some seriously stupid shit for your age.
Open up a can of dumb-ass: We went to the job site to complete our mission, but then our hosts opened up a can of dumb-ass by making a bunch of sexists remarks in front of one of our female teammates. That’s when we left the site, not before telling them that we will come back when they can act a bit more professional.
by unIMPpresseddd May 7, 2022
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When you imply that you will cut someone like you are opening a can of beans. Or if you mess with the horns you will get stabbed !!!
Keep that sh#t up bro and I will open you up like a can of beans !!!!
by Rosewood1978 February 22, 2017
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