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When a rich divorcée starts seeing a twentysomething, derived from Demi Moore.
"And Mom's trying to demi some young hottie, but she hasn't told him she's had kids."
by Xyzzy December 27, 2005

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The moment when a show is no longer worth watching due to a very contrived episode. The term comes from the Happy Days Hawaii miniseries.
When did Voyager jump the shark?

A. Seven of Nine
B. The Year of Hell
C. Chakotay's vision quests
D. Day one
by Xyzzy May 04, 2005

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A trip to France, a trip to the Vatican, and a trip to Greece. Sometimes the position adds others onto it.
I'll give you $25 for an around the world with a stop at Barcelona.
by Xyzzy March 12, 2005

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Pseudo-intellectuals. So called because of their tendency to use stigmae, mandami, ignorami, omnibi, viri, operae, cauci, and other overuse of the "-us to -i, -a to -ae, -um to -a" classical rule.
If every word ending in -us becomes -i, is the plural of bus bi?
by Xyzzy May 05, 2005

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