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"E chuta!" is an untranslatably rude Huttese expression used on C3PO by another protocol droid in "The Empire Strikes Back," shortly before the luckless golden robot is blasted apart by stormtroopers. In context, it appears to be the rough equivalent of "fuck/piss/sod off."
"Can't we put away our blasters and negotiate calmly?"
"E chuta!"
by WordBird September 09, 2005

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Collectibles relating to stereotypes of black people
"Wow! Where'd you get this old sign that says, 'Colored, Seated in Rear?" That's GREAT negrobilia. Is it authentic?"
by wordbird April 27, 2006

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A way to snap the fingers where, at the beginning of the snap, your hand is directly in front of you and, by the end of the snap, your hand has been swung (or 'waved') toward the outside. (For example, the right hand is swung toward the right). The swing and snap are simultaneous.

Sometimes (usually?) done the the other hand placed on the hip. This snap is done particularly well by gay people. Thus the name. NOTE: not usually a snap used to accompany music but rather, to emphasize a point.
"Girl! Just LOOK at this apartment! You couldn't even clean it was a tactical nuclear weapon! You're gonna need a genie to just (fabulous faggot backhand-snap, here) snap his fingers, to clean this mess!"
by wordbird June 29, 2006

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STANK TANK (as in a smelly THINK TANK):
A statement or way of thinking which characterizes the quintessential right-wing negative view of almost anything which is the least bit progressive, fair, logical, equitable, humanistic, or generally helpful to the common public-at-large.

Stank-tanking stretches right-wing tenets —even moderate ones— to a point which can only be described as irrational, unreasonable, cynical, grotesque, stupid, and often downright indecent (which, ironically, negates the "traditional moral values" right-wing tenet and renders it hypocritical). Usually racist, sexist, condescending and mocking of the down-trodden. Always short-sighted, selfish and narrow-minded.
Examples of STANK TANK:
-Corporations are people
-Women who use birth control are sluts
-Asians don't view life as "we" do: Life is cheap to them (quote from General Westmoreland, Vietnam era)
-College students are snobs
-"I'm unemployed too" (quote from millionaire, Mitt Romney)
-The unemployed are lazy
-"Work makes you free" (sign at concentration camp entrance)
-"Let them eat cake" (quote attributed to Marie-Antoinette, when told that the people had no bread to eat)
“If gays are granted rights, next we'll have to give rights to prostitutes and to people who sleep with St. Bernards and to nailbiters.” (quote from Anita Bryant)
-Poor people deserve to be poor
-Black people should "go back to where they came from"
-Latinos are illegal until proven otherwise
-Global warming is a hoax
-If you've seen one Redwood tree, you've seen them all (quote from Ronald Reagan)
-The U.S. auto industry should go bankrupt
“... homosexuals cannot reproduce ...so they must recruit our children.” (Anita Bryant)
-Union workers are socialist thugs
by wordbird March 07, 2012

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Short for "time vacumn", because a television —and any other devise with a screen, such as computers, portable video games, cell phones, etc.— tend to suck your time away without you noticing.
"Sorry I'm late for our wedding, honey. I sat down in front of the TV and didn't see the time pass".

"But Larry ... you don't HAVE a TV!"

"Oh, yeah. I meant my digital camera. I was taking pictures of my penis to get you hot for our honeymoon, and I couldn't stop retouching myself"
by wordbird June 29, 2006

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To act in a homosexual manner when one's (supposed) sexuality is heterosexual. Not quite the same meaning as to "turn gay", but almost.
Dude A: "Dude, what's the deal? I wake up and find you sleeping in my bed! Why don't you sleep in your own? I hope you're not startin' to fag-out on me!"

Dude B: "Don't worry about it, man. It'll only happen once-in-awhile —usually after I suck your cock, like I did last night. And thanks for being cool enough to pretend to be asleep!"
by wordbird July 02, 2006

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(as in a jockey, beating the "cheeks" of his horse to make it run faster)

To be in a rush. To go —especially, to walk— very quickly.
"Sorry I'm late. I beat-cheeks to get here on time".

"John got a speeding ticket today. He was beating cheeks to get to the airport when he got pulled over".
by wordbird February 12, 2008

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