Being soft, weak, to sensitive, to emotional
This dude was all crying because his bitch cheated I said " aye bro pull yo pants up and quit being so tender" .
by QT PYE January 20, 2015
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Used to descibe a female who is very good looking in that innocent way.

Side Note:
In sign language tender is expressed by the pinching of the thumb and forefinger together.
by Glen February 10, 2005
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Being so high, or stoned that you forget your name, date of birth, or your friends name... all that you can say is dude and laugh. Also, the state of complete lostness and bliss.
Dude... i'm fuckin tender.
Activities to do while tender are munchin', creepin', and sleepin'
by Mengle January 25, 2009
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The dating app for underage children
Tinder is for grown-ups. Tender is for pull-ups.
by Dig Nitty April 17, 2019
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the goalie in hockey.
Man, Marty is a siiick 'tender.
by sexyhockeygal04 February 12, 2010
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Money, specifically cash.
That boy straight jacked all my tender.
by FlatNuts July 22, 2003
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