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Keokuk is a small town in Southeast Iowa located at the convergence of the Des Moines and Mississippi rivers. Keokuk was named for the Sac-Fox Indian, Chief Keokuk. Keokuk was once a proud, bustling community of over 17,000 persons. Now it is but a shell of its former self. Just over 10,000 people now call Keokuk home. Unemployment rates are high and anyone who gets an education generally leaves town and never comes back. The school system is eroding, city streets are in disrepair, and healthcare services are meager at best. As more and more factories close and semi-intelligent individuals leave town, the results of years of inbreeding in Keokuk will become more apparent. Eventually Keokuk's population will probable level off at around 2,500. Everyone one in town will be related and there will only be 5-6 surnames in the phonebook.
Keokuk is a town known for two things, drinking and fighting.
by Wiseman July 13, 2006
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