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an unfaithful woman. once got in trouble and felt it necessaery to sing out SOS, she alse "ponned da replay", which doesn't make any sense

Policeman: You're under arrest for the suspicion of your part in a murder

Rihanna: But I didn't do anything!

Policeman (singing lyrics) "I just cheated on my boyfreind, I don't want to be a murderer, If i cheat on my boyfreind he will die, being unfaithful kills, I am unfafthful", not word for word, but this is as good as a confession, come on: your coming down to the station with me
by Willis McGee July 25, 2006

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almost always useful. a person has to invest a great amount of faith into this object, for if it breaks (which is entirely possible) then one is putting the fact that they are currently not disabled at great risk ie. they could become disabled
Boy1: What you on bruv?
Boy2: A chair
Boy1: Isit? That's Sick
Boy2: Yeh, but I'm being careful though, 'cos if it breaks I could end up disabled.
Boy1: Mate, I wouldn't take the risk; I don't even sit on chairs anymore
by Willis McGee July 21, 2006

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Masturbating and successfully ejaculating on ten separate occasions in the space of 24 hours
Boy1: Alright boy2, do you wan come out to the cinema today?
Boy2: Can’t mate, I’m on a tenfold bash. I wouldn’t have the time!
Boy1: Come on mate, you can nipp off to the toilets every now and again
Boy2: Nah mate, SERIOULSY a tenfold bash is hard work
by Willis McGee July 20, 2006

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A guy who is quite simply, a cunt
Jimmy: that guy over there is a cunt

Robert: mate, mate, lets save time, lets call him a cunt-guy from this day forth rather than the guy who is a cunt
by Willis McGee July 19, 2006

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simply where the width of a penis is more than than the length, the owner of the chode is usually rejected from all communities meaning he has to start up his own "chode community", but you can always single out the chode community because it's typically just three fat blokes who hang around together a lot, and who you can clearly see have a chode outlining in their high-up tight trousers
Barry: Ya wanna suck on my cock, darling?
Jill: So long as you don't have a chode!!!
Barry: oh .. ok .. I'm just going to go over there now
by Willis McGee July 21, 2006

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an Official Wasteman; the process of making someone who is seemingly a waste, an official process whereby it becomes their title, making it more difficult for them to get away with their crimes of being a wasteman unscathed
"Check out the man consuming his own faeces"
"Yeh, I saw him earlier, that guy is a Wasteman Official"
by Willis McGee July 19, 2006

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So originally "mate" would mean either freind (informal); or someone who you were planning on impregnating / getting impregnated by (depending on the reader's gender, if they have one at all) The internet and texting alike meant people were more interested in saying "m8" to save time, however, etymology clearly shows that the words carry less emotion, in such instances as people constantly saying "m8" when they dont mean it ... (see example)

Which brings the nation back to the point of "mEIGHT" whereupon they can realise their mistake in the first place and mock anyone who uses "m8", and ridicule it for its destruction of human nature
Adam: alryt m8
Normal MSN participant: er ... hello .. mate ...
Adam: u ok m8?
Normal MSN particpant (slightly vexed): yeh, I'm ok, u alright yourself?
Adam: yeh i'm ok m8, r u alryt?
Normal MSN partiicpant (faggrivated): erm ... look seriously I'm alright, you're alright, was there anything you wanted to talk about
Adam: yeh m8, im jus chattin to sum of my msn peeps
Normal MSN participant (back to normal state when he realises Adam is simply a silly little beggfreind who's emotions are replaced with Newspeak, he therefore no longer gives a shit): that's nice
Adam: yeh, neway I'm a little cunt and I keep chattin in cycles cos I'm a little cunt who has no personality of his own, I hide behind letters and digits, I ain't even got the guts to say "meight", not in real life anyway
Normal MSN participant: ur a cunt m8
by Willis McGee July 26, 2006

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