usually reffering to a penis of beautiful stature. This penis drops girls to thier knees in awe and carry's a reputation which is tightly linked to its owner. This penis is usually as smooth as glass and is of perfect circumfrence.
Omg Pat has a nice dick, did you see it or hear about it. If it was an animal it would be a Unicorn.
by sticky bagle January 25, 2007
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A statement given to one dude to the next if his game has earned him a hook-up, phone number, date, or money.

basically speaking: dick game proper
guy: "dude i hooked up with this girl an she gave me some gas money"
friend: "nice dick"

guy: "you know that girl from that last party? i hit it"
friend: "Nice dick
by Max Dickin May 2, 2008
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being penetrated pleasurably by a skilled gentleman
Friend: I'm so frustrated in my daily life!
Me: Well maybe all you really need is a nice dicking!
by mr. woodcock July 2, 2012
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A person who acts nice but also has passive aggressiveness
I like that dress! No offense though but my grandma can shop better than you :D”
“What a nice dick”
by John Trovolani January 13, 2023
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Implying that you can see a friends/strangers penis during an awkward circumstance, this phrase is most often used in showers or at swimming pools. the phrase was coined by Russell Howard in 2011.
by TerryWithTheD January 26, 2017
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