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Logical reasoning to determine nature of reality, basis for all truth including science and the scientific method. All fact and scientific conclusions must square with philosophical reasoning.
That conclusion can't be right because philosophically it is illogical
by Wes July 24, 2003
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The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. One of the best non-profit groups in the county dedicated to stopping the prosecution of marijuana users. NORML seeks the decriminalization of marijuana in order to take it off the street and away from criminals. An organization dedicated to protecting the American citizen. Join your local chapter.

"I'm NORML."
"NORML is kick ass."
by Wes March 09, 2005
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a good-sized piece of feces filled with various nuts which came from previous meals
hey seth come here, i just dropped a load of nut brownies
by Wes April 12, 2005
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Systematic analysis of nature, tends to produce hubris in humans.
After the 17th Century science made men think they were the greatest things in the universe
by Wes July 24, 2003
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The shitty part of weed.
"If you would have told me it was shake i would have never smoked it."
by Wes January 24, 2005
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A word to describe the current place you are residing in; usually implemented when departing.
"Yo Tedo, I'm out of this piece. Holla"
by Wes June 20, 2003
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