64 definitions by Wes

The same as a clevland steamer, but with baby powder on your partner's chest. When the log drops it makes the powder rise like a mushroom cloud. It also reduces and foul smell.
I dropped an atomic bomb.
by Wes January 01, 2005
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What one says to girls who think they are hot, but are ugly. In reference to the hot news anchor Rudi Bakhtiar on CNN, and used as a comparison of the two.
Girl get yo skank ass back from me, you ain't no Rudi!
by Wes July 11, 2004
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the word amped spelt wrong by a group of girls who consider it to be "their word" but unfortunatly the group let by a British person cant seem to get a grasp on our ways of spelling and pronouncing words
I'm like so totally amphed! (insert girly laugh here)
by Wes October 14, 2004
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what white people think black people call having sex. At least that's what I'm told.
Man, last night the pizza delivery guy caught me and my girlfriend chopping crows on the kitchen table!
by Wes July 11, 2004
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A dirty amish bastard!
claping- committing hate crimes against the amish
I'ma kill me a clape
by Wes January 06, 2004
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