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A smooooth pimp daddy who's game never, NEVER stops.
"Whoa, it's Tedo!! Holly Crap, someone get his autograph!!!"
by Cero September 18, 2003
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1.scientists after 500 years have still not achieved an answer to what the h3ll is a tedo 2. A mysterious creature unbenounced to man. 3. when he is behind have just been raped. 4 An ultimate weapon of raping. 5 the weapon that our former president George W. Bush has been searching for.
you no rape tedo, tedo rape you
by Brandon Bisbee February 17, 2009
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a guy who is a major loser. people know who he is but don't like or respect him. people end up making fun or him because they really hate him. his existence is meaningless.
joe is a deuche bag fag hole loving small pecker packing tedo bastard pussy!
by SexiLexi May 17, 2006
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