sofi: a girl and that goes beyond for everyone and everything and puts a smile on everyone's face when they're around her also she is very fucking hot and i really love her, like a lot
by kofi64$38383838 October 17, 2018
The most beautiful & kind girl in the world.
Is that who I think it is? There goes Sofi!
by Wes April 26, 2005
a girl that makes everyone smile and very very hot and takes zero shit from anyone, she is also very very wonderful
that sofi is fucking rad
by kofi64$38383838 October 17, 2018
accronym for Some Other Female Interest. Often used by hockey players refering to having multiple, sex based relationships with a cornocopia of women.
So i was wheelin some dirt jofa and some sofi hits my celly so i bailed on the jofa and brought over the hotter bunny.

Word bro, I assume the sofi was a starter rather than the dustbunny jofa

by Gonger93 December 9, 2010
Sofi - a dirty little whore, something that's easy and puts out
Man that bitch is such sofi.
Yeah man that such a Cheeky Sofi
by sofsmister November 2, 2009