115 definition by Victor Van Styn

..is a mixture of ‘eh’ and ‘uh.
"So, euh,..What now?"
by Victor Van Styn August 07, 2005

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Korean text message slang for 'Hurry Up'. This is because saying the number sequence 8-2-8-2 in Hangul (the Korean Language) sounds almost identical to saying ‘Hurry up’ in the like language(‘Hangul’).
“I’m waiting for the #2 bus.”

by Victor Van Styn July 25, 2005

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PoS: proper noun
pronounciation: 'Här-REE`toess'

a Mexican softdrink (meaning a carbonated nonalchaholic beverage) which has made its way to the States. I my-self first saw it at a Bigg's grocery store in Cincinnati, Ohio (where I reside), in quaint glass bottles.
Personally, my favorite flavor of Jarritos is Tamarind\Tamarindo. No other soda like it (atleast that I’ve experience the taste to which); almost as tantalizing as the broad asortment the Jones Soda flavors (imho). Second favorite flavor of mine would be Tuti-fruit (carbonated punch Mexi-style).
by Victor Van Styn July 22, 2005

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used to denote a clause within an actual sentence (or sometimes inbetween what some would consider as othrewise *two* seperate sentences, though are one due to its '..'-connection) for a briefer amount of time than a full ellipsis(, ...) denotes(example1). Also used sometimes before a question-mark{?} when what the someone is saying seems to be trailing-off so-to-speak, though can be substitued by ...(example2).
I like you alot..almost as much as I enjoy food, sex, money, and life itself.

Joey, yoo-hoo!! ... Ohh, Joeeeeey, where did you go..??
by Victor Van Styn July 25, 2005

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1. used as a positive 'yea'

2. "Yes, Sir Ree. Aye-aye"
1. Yessirree, dimes are the best!!

2. Yessirree. Your wish is my command.
by Victor Van Styn July 22, 2005

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Deriving from the phrase ‘have to’(which is have+infinitive, broken-down into have+to+{verb}, but minus the verb), ‘hafta’ usually functions as a verb-modifying adverb replacing the modal-auxiliary ‘must’, ‘required to ___’; used to show a strong desire toward, or want for, doing something.

See also: gotsta, wanna, oughtta, tta\-tta
spoiled teen: “I just *hafta* have it!!”
by Victor Van Styn August 09, 2005

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‘retard’, as a weetod would say it.
Try saying "Yerr, wert-erver" without sounding like a weetod. :)
by Victor Van Styn October 05, 2005

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