A common typo of the word 'die'. It is now common to the point where it is misspelled intentionally.
Don't lecture me with your twenty dollar hair cut, Goku sies!
by Johsee March 18, 2009
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A personal pronoun for a gender-neutral or transgendered person, similar to hir.
Sie asked me to pass the Mashed Potatos.
by KH2IsHere December 16, 2007
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(interjection) it's like the word "sike!", but you only use it in serious situations.
(At a funeral)...Oh my gosh! The body is alive! He never died....sie!
by David January 08, 2003
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She is a very sassy girl who is very nice but gets the sassyness from her friend mary
Look at her she is sie shuen
by Sassygirl forever May 13, 2015
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A well known retard online who frequents a certain motorcycle forum.

He is well known for his grammar, god-like riding skillz, and his fat bank account.

That last statement was infact a complete piss take, he has the spelling skills of a downer and likes to brag that he has done 165mph knee down in the wet. In the bath dreaming, maybe you window licking cunt.
Normal human: Hey Speedy Sie, good weekend?

Sie: yAh, I curred aIDs and sent of my tAx rEtern payIng £30,000 in tAx. bUt Dunt worY, i WIL FlOUnCE neXt WeaK becauSe IMM A FriCKing BELLLENd

Normal Human: Oh cool.
by Master Crusader January 11, 2012
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When a girl at a coffee shop has wild sex with a German pervert.
German man pulls up to window: "Vould you like sie poundin'?!"
by Herr Doktor Shniggle October 06, 2013
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