Western Norwegian slang word used for an uncomfortable situation.

The word can be used not only as an adjective, but also as a verb.

Can also describe a feeling of lust for snus.
In this conversation the word is used first as a verb, and second as an adjective.
- "Går d fint me deg?"
- "Nei Bro, eg dasse somfaen"
- "Koffår d?"
- "Eg tror Politiet e på vei!"
- "Å helvette, d e faen meg dass!"
by Edgdmannen January 6, 2021
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A way of saying "that's".
Person 1: Hey man, dass a nice hat you got there.
Person 2: Thanks bro!
by Eade November 2, 2011
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1) combination of damn and ass
2) combination of dat ass

3) combination of drunk ass
My friend yelled, "Dass!!!" as a drunk girl stumbled to her dorm room. After he yelled he followed her to room and had a dass party.
by wellimmiked February 10, 2010
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Basically a shorter version of dumbass
You're such a Dass
by Sectabra May 3, 2017
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Dassed, as in ''to be dassed''- an experience in which one finds him or herself well and truly done over
''I've locked myself out of chancellors! I've been Dassed!''

''The machine is out of order, i've been Dassed again!''

and so on
by DASFANNO.1 November 8, 2009
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