A total legend. Someone who never seems to talk or do much but in fact comes up with all the ideas and does all the work. Also quite well built physically with a huge wang and shapley butt.

That guy never does anything
Oh yeah he does, remember (insert funny prank/stunt someone performed)? He came up with it. He did a Damo.
by Occupant Wickedness January 24, 2008
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In latin text it means : Man with horse penis
Usually people are gifted with this & usually they have a right to brag about there extra huge penis & make there guy friends envy about how huge it is & make the ladies drool over it.
Seriously dude I have a Damo.
by EB123 October 12, 2009
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When something has been bigged up and over hyped for a period of time, and when you finally get to see it, it is an absolute let down.
"Rooney was a bit of a damo when he came on and played the second half"
by kezuke May 30, 2007
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Damo is an English vulgarism most commonly used in referring to the vulva, the vagina, and, more generally, the pubis, from the mons veneris to the perineum especially a hairless one
Logicpr0be: So I punched my wife square in the Damo!
by Dickson Poon June 17, 2008
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hayley: 'damon you rock my world!'
stef: 'damon, you rock hayleys world!'
damon: 'most excellent!'
by Hayley June 22, 2004
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some retard who bullies monkey chimpanzees and gambles in minecraft while placing sand in the cobblestone wall sequence
by RealGodNotFake April 28, 2019
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