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High quality, as in the liquor you save only for your best friends.
I keep the Chivas with the Presidential in the back of the cabinet.
by Unidyne November 26, 2003
A now obsolete type of automobile engine that used eight cylinders in a row, instead of two rows as a V-8 engine does.
The old roadster had a straight 8 engine.
by Unidyne March 12, 2005
Term used in the gaming (gambling) industry to describe gratuities given to frequent gamblers or high-rollers. Trunication of "complimentary" and often used as a verb.
Harry's uncle got comped a steak dinner at Harrah's after winning at Craps.
by Unidyne September 18, 2004
A Republicanized name for French Toast (which was named after Joseph French, the American chef who invented it, and has nothing to do with France).
I don't care about your politics, you're an idiot for calling it "Freedom Toast"!
by Unidyne November 26, 2003
Trunication of "Las Vegas". Used often in reference to the city in Nevada, or the lifestyle of the late 1950's that typified the "Rat Pack" era.
I blew money at a casino, saw a stage show, got drunk at a bar and got lucky with a cute lady. I guess you could say I had the Vegas experience.
by Unidyne March 12, 2005
A travelling business person who spends much of his time on the road, driving between meetings or presentations. The name is taken from "The Road Warrior", the US title of the Australian action film "Mad Max 2".
Sahda's a serious road warrior. She's clocked 12,000 on her car just driving to give presentations.
by Unidyne December 14, 2003
A religious preacher, almost always Evangelical Christian, who preaches on paid television programs. The term is a fusion of "Television" and "Evangelist", and with recent scandals involving sexual and/or financial wrong-doings among televanngelists, the term has a negative influence.
The televangelist proclaimed that if you sent money to his ministry, God would reward you.
by Unidyne March 12, 2005