An acronym for Gay Best Friend. A homosexual man who is the best friend of a woman.

The GBF is a fashion accessory mainly found adorning city women having risen to popularity in the late 90's. GBF's are prized for having acute fashion sense and therefore suitable for shopping trips. Also known for better understanding the mysteries of female nature and therefore a good Agony Uncle and conversationalist.

GBF's are sometimes used as stand-in boyfriends at social/business/family gatherings when a woman has no real boyfriend.
"Mike is soooo hot. Too bad he's just my GBF."
by Umbongo - England March 31, 2003
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a gay best friend, a common nickname for a straight guy who talks to a girl extensively about her personal problems and life issues
I hear Kutgun is a real GBF! Apparently he spent tonight talking to Naomi, cuddling with Maria, and talking to Momo about her boy trouble!
by Gat Bammings March 4, 2008
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Gay British Friend or Gay Best Friend is the male companion of a female whom the female could never see as a romantic lover/partner. The GBF and the female do everything together like would a couple, except he will never get laid and he will never get the girl.

The term GBF originated in Britain during the early 20th reflecting the social/cultural relationship between British men and British women. British women viewed British men as brothers or "sisters" but never as romantic partners. The desperate British man still wanted to be with her so he became her Gay Best Friend in order to be with her.
Woman: I'm so lonely I wish there was a man around here!

British man: What about me?

Woman: No your the GBF.

Woman: I want to go shopping and get my nails done but I have no one to go with..

British man: I'll go with you, i need to get a pedicure anyway.

Woman: What would I ever do with my Gay Best Friend!
by britishman4ever December 30, 2013
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(n) Acronym for The Gold Box Forum which is found on The GBF is made of of numerous word game, toilet humor, and otherwise insane threads. Rarely a thread about an actual gold box deal is discussed. The GBF is also known for its utter lack od moderation and numerous Trolls who change their name on a regular basis.
I went to The GBF to discuss a gold box deal but only found stupid word games and an offensive discussion about movies titles that described your last bowel movement!
by Funmunke June 12, 2013
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Gay Best friend - that guy who is always there for his girl mates. Talking to them about boys, clothes, other girly stuff. GBF Leeds often uses the alias Max Fakhre.
Max is so Ronak's GBF.
I'm so my mum's GBF.
by truthinleeds April 26, 2014
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GBF-Gay best friend. A Gay best friend is a male best friend to a woman. A Gay best friends doesn't necessarily have to be gay. It can just be a boy/man that you could never be lovers with but you still do everything with. You can have more than one GBF any boy/man you can trust to go shopping with, share feelings, etc.
Girl: "Omg Will I love you, but not like that."
Will: "That's right because I'm you GBF
by YeahISuckToes January 8, 2009
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