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Stands for the Police

Everyone hates the cops until someone steals your car see would Jesus microwave a burrito?
pothead 1:"Man, the po po be a bunch a losers"
pothead 2:"Dude, someones stealing your car!"
pothead 1:"Shit man, call the police!"
by USSR December 11, 2003

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Stands for What The Fuck.
sexmister234: dude, i fucked up your mom last night! She makes my kinky!
WTFman3342: WTF?
by USSR December 11, 2003

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(n:)1 Another term for correctional facility. 2 Hell 3 The prime place where children are left so their parents can have it. 4 A place to learn new words on the bathroom stalls.
(Student 1): ready for hell on earth?
(student 2): got my nght stick right here!
by USSR November 27, 2003

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Emergency Locator Transmitter
the ELT transmitts signals on the VHF frequency of 121.5 MHz and theUHF frequency of 243.0 MHz
by USSR January 18, 2004

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Stands for, Kentucky Fried Children

See BLEEP you
School Boy 1: AHH!! Its the KFC man!
School Boy 2: Run for the shelter of the american education system! GAAH!!!
by USSR December 12, 2003

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I screwed up. ityped in rteethless assholes by accident.
Me: Im a dumbass
by USSR December 11, 2003

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hacker terms for "elite" and the back door password for Microsoft
L33t H4x0r pWnE6 j00r B0xoR!

j00R I.p. 1S Min3! H@ H@ h4!

(hacker talk for you idiots out there)
by USSR February 16, 2004

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