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hacker terms for "elite" and the back door password for Microsoft
L33t H4x0r pWnE6 j00r B0xoR!

j00R I.p. 1S Min3! H@ H@ h4!

(hacker talk for you idiots out there)
by USSR February 17, 2004
sexmister234: dude, i fucked up your mom last night! She makes my kinky!
WTFman3342: WTF?
by USSR December 11, 2003
the ELT transmitts signals on the VHF frequency of 121.5 MHz and theUHF frequency of 243.0 MHz
by USSR January 18, 2004
(n:)1 Another term for correctional facility. 2 Hell 3 The prime place where children are left so their parents can have it. 4 A place to learn new words on the bathroom stalls.
(Student 1): ready for hell on earth?
(student 2): got my nght stick right here!
by USSR November 27, 2003
School Boy 1: AHH!! Its the KFC man!
School Boy 2: Run for the shelter of the american education system! GAAH!!!
by USSR December 13, 2003
Means, "We smoke extremly large amounts of weed" in pothead terms.

Also WTF is up with mystery wall?

does anyone really give a fuck? no!
7 year old: Mommy, whats cocaine?

Mom: Uhh, why dont you go outside and play a nice game of hide and fork yourself

7 year old: Ok mommy
by USSR December 8, 2003