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Emergency Locator Transmitter. The ELT is a small radio transmitter that is installed in an aircraft and is designed to being transmitting upon impact (the crash) or it can be manually switched on. The ELT transmits a distincive signal on the international emergency frequencies of 121.5 MHz (VHF) and 243.0 MHz (UHF). This signal is picked up by ground stations, search and resuce aircraft (see Civil Air Patrol and Coast Guard, and satelites. Direction-finding equipment is then used to "home-in" on the signal and locate the downed aircraft.
Click on the recording above to listen to the sound of real ELT radio signal.
by IrishRepublicanArmy January 18, 2004
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the ELT transmitts signals on the VHF frequency of 121.5 MHz and theUHF frequency of 243.0 MHz
by USSR January 18, 2004
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Acronym for “Engineering Laboratory Technician”. A rate/occupational specialty in the United States Navy that works in the reactor plant in a laboratory, named Nucleonics. ELTs provide chemistry and radiological support for the reactor plant.
I once heard a pilot claim he was an ELT in a bar just to get laid.
by Chemistrysupports November 09, 2018
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