From French "paysannerie", meaning "place of the country dwellers".

The class consisting of peasants and serfs (country people, mostly farm workers) in an agricultural society, in which peasants are the most common type of people (can be anywhere from fifty to ninety-five percent of the people).

Peasants are usually poor and live in villages and work farmland which practically belongs to them but is owned by lords.
Thanks to the incompetence of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, the peasantry were losing their land and suffered from inflated prices for bread.

The peasantry worked hard, but at least they knew their place and their allies. Appearances were minimal for farm workers, their operations were small scale; they had nothing to lose. The nobility had everything to lose.
by Lorelili December 13, 2010
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The actions of all those who are not in Labs.
by Syscon May 16, 2017
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Collective noun, defining the group of magazines such as Love It, Take a Break, Chat, That’s Life, and Pick Me Up.

Commonly include “money-saving” or “useful” hints, tips, and life-hacks, such as swapping 100g of grapes for 100g of radishes to save 49 calories, or gluing together and hanging old and unwanted CDs to create wall art for your home.
Debra and Sharon rolled their eyes as Jackee read aloud headlines such as “Battered 50 times with a bat” and “My own sister sold me for sex and my mum refused when I asked for help”.

“Reading the peasantries again, Jackee?”
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Referring to those individuals whom purchase AMD hardware solutions.
"those who conduct themselves in a mong-type manner, indulging in such peasantry as purchasing AMD hardware rather than Nvidia - are not welcome here"
by staffsarge August 2, 2017
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Being so overwhelmingly peasant-like that it's treasonous to the bourgeois bitch-type. It is a crime punishable by incessant bitch shouting.
Bourgeois-bitch type 1: ''Bitch! What's that rag you're wearing? Are you like one of those peasants now?''
Bourgeois-bitch type 2: ''We find you guilty of High Peasantry. You are now sentenced to bitch shouting.''
Bourgeois-bitch type 1: ''Yaaaaasssss!!!''
Bourgeois-bitch type 2: ''Bitch!''
Bourgeois bitch-type 1: ''Bitch!''
Random cunt: ''I'm the QUEEN!!!''
by potatosaladqueen January 29, 2016
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