The independent leader of a private military detachment which uses civil dominion over the residents of a region, usually by military force.
Bosnia, Serbia, and several similar countries used to be ruled by warlord factions in the 1990s until NATO and expeditionary forces brought about factional demise.
by Nicolai April 10, 2004
The act of a female performing a deep throat, followed by the insertion of the testicles into her mouth.
Sarah came over to my house today to give me my birthday present. It was a warlord, it blew my mind.
by rigid1x1 January 12, 2010
I ran through the whole team to fuck the warlord.
by arch killer July 17, 2010
What you say to justify stealing food from someone.
Person 1: "Hey, give me back that french fry!"
Person 2: "Warlords!"
Person 1: "Damnit..."
by Emennius March 26, 2004
This guy who would never admit he sat alone in the dark of his bedroom and watched hentai anime porn to no end. He also ran a second-rate Xenogears website with extreme jealousy and hatred for others.
Dark Warlord: but not linking me was just -_-
by BOS June 5, 2003
A prolonged fart that sounds identical to a war horn.
Woah, that was a Raging Warlord!
by to6y November 2, 2009