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Someone who is genuinely scared of or fearful of English people, or those who originate from England.

A person suffering from anglophobia is known as an anglophobe

Game show host: Congratulations! You have won a round trip ticket to England!

Anglophobe: Yikes! I suffer from anglophobia! Give the prize to someone else! I'd rather die than set foot in *shudder* England!
by SWFC August 10, 2006
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Someone who hates the English peoples. This can be due to past human rights abuses, wars, racial or religious hatred or a good natured rivalry.
France and England have a mutual dislike steeped in history which is a big part of both cultures. France is Anglophobic and England is Francophobic.

Scottish nationalists would be happy to watch English children die because their anglophobia comes from a deep rooted racism.

Al Queda is anglophobic because English people are mostly Atheist.
by Tyburn December 07, 2007
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