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A teacher at Virginia Tech. He died when a student went on a killing spree. Liviu Librescu survived the Holocaust. He survived in Communist Romania. He was a very smart man and, in his final moments, proved himself a hero. Liviu blocked the door to his class so his students could escape. He was shot around five times but his noble sacrifice acheived the desired end. His class (save for one) escaped to safety.
If any of you want a definition of selflessness then look no further than this man. Life had given him a bad deal from childhood yet when push came to shove his compassionate, brave spirit could not be crushed.
He is burried in Israel. At last beyond the hardships of this world.
Liviu Librescu sacrificed his own life to save his students.
by Tyburn December 08, 2007

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Someone who hates the English peoples. This can be due to past human rights abuses, wars, racial or religious hatred or a good natured rivalry.
France and England have a mutual dislike steeped in history which is a big part of both cultures. France is Anglophobic and England is Francophobic.

Scottish nationalists would be happy to watch English children die because their anglophobia comes from a deep rooted racism.

Al Queda is anglophobic because English people are mostly Atheist.
by Tyburn December 07, 2007

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A government characterised by the sexual misconduct of its leaders. A term of political alarmism, it has recently been applied to the regime of Silvio Berlusconi in Italy.
The reign of men such as Rodrigo Borgia, Silvio Berlusconi and Bill Clinton could be described as a pornocracy.
Whilst it is a slur, it does accurately represent the sleaze element of their respective administrations.
by Tyburn October 04, 2011

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A local legend in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. A small seaside town in South Eastern England.
The story of the Ratman has some variants but the core result remains the same.
That under a tunnel, sitting just near the residence of the Mayor, there looms a figure that resembles both a rat and a human being.
It will screech in the middle of the night and attempt to chase out people walking through there at night.

One version of the story tells of a local tramp and headcase. Who lived in the tunnel, being paralysed and unable to leave.
One night a group of drunken teenagers beat him to death and stole what little food and clothes he had. As he was freezing to death he could see rats scuttle forth to consume him. He swore revenge on the town that had abused him, and is now the Ratman of Southend, a vengeful spirit that hates the young and healthy.

The other version claims that the Ratman was the deformed son of an old Mayor of Southend. He was born hideously deformed, with a rodent-like snout, jagged teeth and a rotting stench about him.
The Mayor had the tunnel constructed to hide his secret, as the child was also the result of an adulterous relationship.
The Ratman still lurks there to this day, alone in the dark and waiting for any tasty humans to cross its path.

The story emerged years ago and reappears from time to time, via bizzare signs posted on lamp-posts and telephone poles.
Shaun and Craig ran under the tunnel of the Ratman, to see if he would try and eat them.

The story of the Ratman being the Mayors deformed son, shares some thematic similarities with the mythical tale of the Minotaur.

I have personally heard screeching in that tunnel and momentarily thought it was the Ratman.
by Tyburn February 28, 2010

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Former Minister of Magic. Died after torture. Possibly a vampire.
Rufus Scrimgeour succeeded Cornelius Fudge.
by Tyburn December 07, 2007

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To be killed in a protracted, almost ridiculous way.

Derives from the case of Grigori Rasputin who was poisoned with cyanide, shot at least twice and then thrown in the River Neva. He was then dug up by Bolsheviks and his remains set on fire.
The posthumous execution of Benito Mussolini in 1945 and Oliver Cromwell in 1660 was classic Rasputinism.

by Tyburn December 07, 2007

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In professional wrestling terminology a finishing move that is underwhelming or just plain laughable. The phrase could also be followed by a trademark sign. Although the reasons behind this remain obscure to this day.
First used by wrestling publication Power Slam during 1998 in connection with Hulk Hogan.
John Cena's STFU is a modern day Legdrop of Doom.
by Tyburn December 07, 2007

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