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That technophile has all the latest gadgets.
by Turnspike February 9, 2003
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When you plug one nostril with your finger, and blow out of the other nostril with everything you have, sending a snot projectile out of the nose.
Without tissue, all I could do to clear my nose was to blow a snot rocket.
by Turnspike February 11, 2003
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The next batter at the plate was swinging southpaw.
by Turnspike March 16, 2003
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The Springfield, Missouri location of the 2600 meetings. They meet the first Friday of every month at Barnes and Noble in the back of the cafe. See also www.spfd2600.org
The hosts of that internet radio show attend spfd2600.
by Turnspike February 9, 2003
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Similar to mouse potato, except the mouse potato has moved to the computer, where he/she will spend the next 5+ hours.
The mouse potato locked himself in a dark room with only his computer to keep him company, and didn't come out for 2 days.
by Turnspike February 9, 2003
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To repossess. Often done after a loan is defaulted on.
by Turnspike February 9, 2003
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