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One who is too stubborn to learn new technology.
That retrogrouch refuses to learn how to e-mail.
by Turnspike February 10, 2003
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Someone who is popular because they are connected to a object or a cause, however they quickly lose their popularity when the object/cause is gone.
The guy you might find in a beachside bar, with a Parrot perched on his shoulder. The guy is very well known because of his pet bird, and is the life of the bar. However, after the Parrot is gone, the guy is found uninteresting without the bird.
by Turnspike February 10, 2003
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A type of fart that is done while sitting, the one-cheek sneak is done by leaning to the side to let the gas excape. Very handy when sitting on a smooth, hard surface while wearing shorts, to prevent "hovercraft" sounds.
To avoid disrupting the classroom, Johnny let out a one-cheek sneak, and nobody was the wiser.
by Turnspike February 12, 2003
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A dancing monkey commonly found on IRC, who is an amazingly good speller for a primate, and is a HUGE fan of RantRadio (www.RantRadio.com)
Cell_LEDmagnet: you just admitted that you are an arab.
by Turnspike July 29, 2003
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Hacker chick who is heavy into wireless networks, and activities such as wardriving and warchalking.
Looks like the wirelass found another open access point.
by Turnspike February 10, 2003
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