Antonym of orthodox, a stance whereby the left hand is further forward than the right, whether because the person is left handed or because they prefer thier main hitting hand forward.
He boxes southpaw, pah.
by Kung-Fu Jesus June 03, 2004
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soufpaw right here!! (1)A pride of being capable of writting with your left hand.
(2) Slang for left-handed.
(1) I'm a southpaw.
(2) Soufpaw shorty righh herr.
by polska zyje nam~ nikolka February 13, 2005
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A term used to indicate that someone is "the man." For example, if someone is southpaw, they could kick your ass using only one hand (or "paw), and they most likely engage in numerous sexual encounters (the area down "south") on a regular basis. Most importantly, if someone is southpaw, they are modest about it.
Guiseppi: Dude, you're so southpaw. I wish I could be as cool as you.

southpaw: Nah, I'm not southpaw, although coincidentally, my name is. You, my friend, are the one who is southpaw.
by KingGuiseppi April 11, 2009
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vajayjay hair on females; a bush; the beaver; the rug
1. Traits I am looking for in a girl/wife/mother of my children:
2. Can we see your southpaw? I hope you cleaned your southpaw...
by Van Haughn December 02, 2007
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Name for a person that fights typically with their left hand as their main striking hand. Their left hand will be out further than their right. Their left hand is always their power hand too.
Josh is a southpaw, I have to watch out for that.
by Tommy March 13, 2005
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When your boner is curved downward while erect. This is way more rare than an uppercut or right or left hooks, but theyre out there, and they always take the opponent by surprise
Dude check this porn out, that son of a bitch is a Southpaw from hell!
by thefallingdream January 18, 2010
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