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kickass sk8 team from arcata.
sage irie saktes for malarky because he is cool.
by Turd December 11, 2003
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When a male sneaks up behind a female in the bathroom and plunges his penis into her ass while giving her a swirly.
examples are over rated
by Turd June 10, 2004
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A fresh start is when you take your old bloody tampon out and slide a "Scented one in" and leave it in for 10 hours on a rollercoaster. You begin leaking. Than you dont feel good, but you still dont take the scented tampon out and you begin vomiting and having explosive diherria. You ignore it and think you have the stomach flu. Your tampon is still in. You go to the docters who tells you he will never be able to remove your tampon without sergery and you also have tss so u cant have sergery till your better wich will never happen. You ask the devil if he can help you. The devil cuts you some support. 10 years later and finally out of rehab you can now have a fresh start in life!
"This tampon has only been in for 2 weeks, its so much better than getting a fresh one every couple of hours!" Said Suzy
by Turd August 25, 2004
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When your vomiting up blood and having explosive dihheria count on pepto bismol!!!
Pepto-bismol lady: *Shoves a cork up little johnny's butt and force feeds him pepto-bismol*

Today Johnny has frequent hemheroids and suffers from bulmirexa. John has acid reflux disorder. Yet John refuses to die, and the docter anal probed him.
by Turd August 25, 2004
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