a sexy, hot and amazing person, sage is the main character and always will be
no person can stop a sage from being the next paris hilton
sage is a bad bleep
by paris hilton the third March 16, 2021
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A word originating from the popular Japanese forum website 2chan. Sage (pronounced "sah-geh") - from the Japanese word "sageru", refers to replying to a post using the word "sage" in the email field in order to increase the number of replies without age-ing (or bumping) the post. This can be used as a courtesy, allowing one to quietly add comments that may not be interesting enough to warrant pushing the thread to the top. It can also be used as a way to show displeasure with the post being replied to.
by Einfach July 17, 2005
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A perennial herb that grows wild & also people cultivate it in their gardens. It grows up to 3' tall & from 24" to 36" wide. It's highly aromatic & has blue, pink, or white flowers which grown on semi~cone shaped stalks. It's considered Sacred by Native Americans & has a variety of medicinal uses. It repels deer & is a low~maintenance plant. The top 6"~8" are cut & dried. Many Native Americans "Cleanse" their homes, etc., by wafting the burning sage around in each room & even in outdoor places. It has a calm, sweet aroma.
The sage grew quite well in the garden. I Adore it so much~it smells Wonderful!
by Starchylde June 8, 2016
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Word entered to the email field of a *chan (iichan, 4chan, 2chan, etc) message board so that the post is not bumped. It is Japanese for 'to lower.' It is the opposite of 'age' (ah-gay), which means to raise.
by a_grilled_fish April 8, 2005
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sage is a wonderful and caring person that everyone falls in love with. she will never take a complement even if its true. shes the type of person who makes everyone feel loved, and cant be mean even if she tries. she is absolutely brilliant and aces every single test. Sage makes everyone around her laugh so hard they will probably pee their pants. she isn't afraid to speak her mind and has a heart of pure gold. If you ever meet a sage you'd better cherish every single second you spend with her.
Random kid at school: wow, isnt that girl amazing!?
Another random kid at school: yeah she must be a sage
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people named sage are the hottest people alive. they have a huge ass and everyone wants to fuck them
omg is that sage??? im nutting so hard rn omg
by snufkin- November 16, 2021
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Within the context of text and image forums, "sage" or "saging" is the act of adding commentary that will not renew a thread's position within the forum.

This is done for one of two reasons:
-As a generosity to other posters - a long living but moot thread is not of aid to anyone, and this acts as a discrete manner to add complementary information.
-Exclusively as a harsh statement of reprisal - feeling that the content is inappropriate or that the manner of the poster is unsuitable.

Within the context of herbs, sage is a spice that most agree goes well with fish, chicken, and other white meats.

Within the context of titles, a sage is a person of great wisdom and mental clarity. It is also a latin name, female in gender, meaning wisdom.
internet posting:
I am saging this thread on principle.
"sage" (yes, it is a statment that can stand alone.)
"You fail! SAGE!"

I feel that sage would be a good flavor to add to fish.

If you seek answers, go to the village sage.
"That person is very wise." "Truly a sage."
by vergo March 11, 2007
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