She has been fucked so many times, it looks like she had open heart sergery.
by 4-10 December 3, 2003
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She has been fucked so much it looks like she had open heart sergery.

She's so loose, she must have had open heart sergery, gross.
by junner December 4, 2003
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Refers to da removal of fancy-pants clothing using da "slit and snip" method, rather than carefully/tediously undoing buttons, zippers, lacings, hooks, snaps, etc., da way you usually would when undressing someone.
Sergery is usually employed in two specific instances: either when a "dressed to da nines" Mr. BigRich requires an urgent medical operation and thus da hospital-workers do not have time to remove his costly panoply, or else someone who's overly full of himself has tried has fellow humans'' patience once too often, and so they wish to "take him down a notch or two" by destructively ridding him of his gaudy fabrics so dat they can re-dress him in more common-folks' attire. Think what Robin Hood and his Merry Men did to the sheriff of Nottingham when they captured him in Sherwood Forest.
by QuacksO December 24, 2020
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