Exaggerated or foolish talk, usually intended to deceive
This is a bunch of malarky!
What is this malark?
by Amy April 9, 2003
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stuff and nonsense, foolishness.
anything can be refered to as malarky.
1) i dont know what im doing studying for this degree malarky.
2) sams really getting into this drugs malarky.
3)anyone fancy coming to this drum and bass malarky tomorrow night?
by cleverclogs May 23, 2007
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kickass sk8 team from arcata.
sage irie saktes for malarky because he is cool.
by turd December 12, 2003
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A load of bullshit.
Used in context of OMM - Oh my Malarki!
Michael Herron, whoever told you that is wrong. That's a load of malarki!
OMM! He just stole that car!
by lolpwnzorloler November 30, 2007
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1. Nonsense, Crazy Talk.
2. A Bomb ass rap duo from chicago.
The Flat earth theory is absolute Malarky
by Mers The Sentry July 7, 2019
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Often used by Mr. Mark Landry
Malarky includes:
1)Drinking of alcoholic beverages
2)Smoking of Marijuana
3)Funny Business
"Mike, No Malarky this time. I mean it!"- Mr. Mark Landry
by Sean Cavanaugh April 1, 2004
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