it actually is a german verb for "havin sex", "makin love"...
I as a german prep wouldn't say it, 'cause it's kinda chav word. better say "poppen" or just "sex haben" (havin sex)
Ich will sie bumsen! - I wanna fuck her!
Wir haben gebumst. - We had sex.
by Ma_Li February 28, 2007
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german word meaning the action to have sex
we had the bumsen all night long!
by Travis March 13, 2005
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A brief but impressive flame of burning methane gas which is created by igniting a fart.
Mickey nearly caused a riot down at the curry house last night when he burnt one off. "hey lads, hows this for a bumsen burner?" he exclaimed, lighter in hand.
by monty3945 February 7, 2013
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