97 definition by Travis

What every guy wants. Usually performed by sluts. Quick blowjob. Usually followed by swallowing so you can get the job down quick, efficiently and clean.
Dude, Betty is such a whore..She gave Frank a quicky during class.
by Travis May 31, 2003

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to shit on ones stomach while engaging in intercoaurse with a loved one.
Wow I get the smell off from that clevland steamer lastnight
by travis November 05, 2003

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When one pops open a jelly packet like those at a diner and puts it in his ass to have another man eat it out
by travis June 27, 2003

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pronounced soCRAtez, this drink is a combination of a screwdriver with natural light.

John 3:17- and God came unto the orange grove and said unto the people "make this into juice and combine it with the cheapest of vodkas". the people rejoiced.

Socrates, the famous philosopher in one of his little known works "where God could use a little help" demonstrated the logic of adding natural light to screwdrivers.

1. orange juice and vodka are great.
2. natural light is great.
3. if you add one great thing to another you get something fantastic.
4. it therefore follows that adding natural light to orange juice and vodka will be fantastic.
when hottubbing socrates are the best.
by Travis April 16, 2006

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To have no skill or natural abillity in the task you are fixing to do but having the abillit to make everyone around you think that you do also when giving speaches that you just made up
I had know clue how to take apart a car but i just winged it and all the guys in the shop figured i did ok.
When i was elected president my speach was pure bullshit i winged it all the way
by Travis June 04, 2005

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another term for marijuana.
see "weed"
"mary jane"
driven to down main smokin on some indo.
by travis December 06, 2002

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