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A period in a person's life during which everything seems to be going wrong, but though the individual feels plagued by a series or massing of inconvenient occurrences, they are in fact petty annoyances, which even in aggregate are far less severe than an actual tragedy, such as a terminal illness or the loss of a loved one.
I was feeling really down about all the stuff that's been happening lately, but upon reflection I realize everything's just part of a crapisode, and I've weathered those before.
by Travelingmankc August 17, 2018
A professional killer whose specialty is staging hits to look as though the victim killed him/herself. Suicidists usually have science backgrounds in addition to experience in covert operations. They are consummate professionals and their services are not readily available. Aside from the occasional incongruence between a victim's life circumstances and the "suicide", nothing ever can be found to suggest anything other than an actual suicide. A "suicide victim" found with three bullets in the back of the head is not the work of a suicidist.
The former congressional aide committed apparently committed suicide shortly after receiving a subpoena to appear before a Grand Jury. Some thought his demise was actually the work of a suicidist.
by Travelingmankc July 30, 2019
A fake Twinkie. An affront to junk food lovers everywhere. Although a Twinkie is junk food, it's delicious, classic junk food. A Fwinkie doesn't even approximate the real thing. The sponge cake isn't nearly as spongy or flavorful, the creme filling is thick and cloying rather than the kight fluffy little dab of heaven that is real Twinkie creme filling. Not worth the carbs.
Yuck!! That's not a real Twinkie--it's a Fwinkie!!
by Travelingmankc June 26, 2022
Formal or informal indoctrination efforts to convince the subject(s) that all members of certain demographic groups are oppressed and other groups are oppressors, irrespective of said members' individual behavior, level(s) of achievement or prosperity. Formal wokeucation programs are often imposed upon people in the form of "diversity training", "social sensitivity", "equity and inclusion" seminars, etc. Wokeucation is a very profitable component of the grievance industry.
I thought this New Employee Orientation was just going to consist of HR information, like sick leave policies and the retirement program; instead, most of the time was spent with a "diversity consultant" telling us what was wrong with America, and that we were racists whether we knew it or not"--It was a total wokeucation session.
by Travelingmankc December 30, 2022
A person or organization (whose decision makers are) so intent on appearing to be supportive of "social justice" that any semblance of common sense or critical thinking has been abandoned. Woke Jokes will support any trendy social justice cause or organization, join any demonstration or boycott without considering the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident(s) giving rise to such actions. They view those not participating or simply suggesting more information be obtained prior to acting as misguided.
He sent $1,000 to the organization before even looking at its web page. If he had, he would have learned they are opposed to the type of business he owns--he's a total Woke Joke!!
by Travelingmankc May 2, 2021
A production assistant on a zombie film whose primary responsibility is to keep tabs on the zombie extras. The job is similar to that of an animal wrangler on a film set. Production assistant(s) charged with this responsibility should receive specific credit as Zombie Wranglers. Zombie Wranglers have been specifically credited at the conclusion of at least one zombie film, Zombie Bloodbath (1993).
He worked as a Zombie Wrangler in that film.
by Travelingmankc September 12, 2015
PC University--The Institution of higher learning for the exquisitely sensitive. Every other room on this campus is a safe room!! No grades, no tests, no competitive athletics. Only attend class when it feels right! We are staunch advocates of "DIVERSITY", unless of course someone expresses an opinion/value that's inconsistent with ours--we don't tolerate haters or hate speech (any statement, direct or implied, that disagrees with our beliefs!). We have a very liberal student loan program--of course, you won't be expected to repay any loan! Our institution is tuition free, anyway!! After four years at PCU, you can be assured you'll be totally unprepared to live in the real world! Who will pay for all this, and support you after we've made you wholly incapable of living independently? Obviously a hateful question from a hater!!!
She's obviously a graduate of PC University
by Travelingmankc November 29, 2021