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Mimi had a shindy when she realized UNO's gave her a pickle as a side order instead of mashed potatos.
by Shivani March 25, 2005
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Any short independent film. The upper time limit to be considered a shindy is arbitrarily stated to be 49 minutes, but any film that is less than feature length may be considered a shindy.
I have a featured role in an upcoming shindy.
by Travelingmankc October 27, 2015
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A crap type of shoes that Indie-freaks like to wear. They look like old ladies pumps with a touch of Roman sandal.
Shindie literally means "Shit Indie" merging together to become shindie.
Guy #1- Dude, you're wearing those stupid shindies again. What is up with that?

Guy #2- I think they look cool!

Guy #1- You look like you've just come back from Bingo with your old lady shoes. Do you wear huge underwear too?
by Carla Hadland November 15, 2007
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