1. Typically refers to a situation in which many people are killed in a violent and extreme manner.

2. Also refers to a situation that does not involve extreme violence but involves the absolute dominance by one thing over another.

3. Death by bleeding within a bathtub.

4. In financial terms: refers to an investment resulting in massive and unexpected loss.
1. Not many people were killed in the Boston Massacre, but it was still a bloodbath.

2. Although the Broncos expected to be competitive in Super Bowl 48, the Seahawks quickly turned it into a bloodbath.

3. On July 13, 1793 Jean-Paul Marat slumped into his bathtub after being stabbed -- a literal and figurative bloodbath. The assailant claimed that she was preventing an even bigger bloodbath but was guillotined anyway.

4. I thought that putting my entire life savings into Lehman Brothers in 2007 would allow me to retire sooner than everyone else. Instead, it was a bloodbath.
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When you want to soak but your girl is on her period, you take a blood bath.
Bro, my girl just got her period last night so I had to take a bloodbath.
by Ratch06 December 26, 2019
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Death Metal supergroup containing members from Edge of Sanity, Opeth, Katatonia and Hypocrisy. They play old-school Swedish death metal, basically just a big nostalgia fest for guys who are now all in prog-death bands.
When the sky turns black and natures sounds go mute,
The dead walk the earth,
Outnumbering the day,
All light peels away,
In the flickering sway of the suns last ray...
by Borknagar November 26, 2004
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The hardest level in geometry dash according to the demon list
John: hey man have you beat bloodbath yet?
Anthony: not yet but im almost there! im at 89%
by JTLP May 6, 2021
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The biggest bad ass on the planet (Kyle P. Smith)
Nigger 1: Ay bloodbath, you got my weed?

Bloodbath: Naw bitch you wanna get yo wig split?

Nigger 2: Don't fuck wit bloodbath, that nigga raw as fuck!!

Nigger 3: We lucky we didn't get our dome pieces rocked.
by bloodbath69 October 7, 2009
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A comical historical term for a battle with many deaths

My nickname :P
The battle of artops was a bloodbath!

yo bloodbath
by matt March 1, 2005
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Any conflict (level is irrelevant) that formates into seemingly grauitous violence.
The greatest bloodbath in human history was the Battle of the Somme, in world war one.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 17, 2004
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