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Thespian Lesbian is any straight woman who acts attracted to or performs sexual acts on another woman for a camera or filming, especially for videos like "Girls Gone Wild."
Janie says she only likes men, but when the camera goes on, she will eat muff like a goat eats grass; she is a real thespian lesbian.
by TooSick4U November 14, 2006

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gynocentric: dominated by or emphasizing feminine interests or a feminine point of view
Since Bob started taking the History of the Female Orgasim class, he's become so gynocentric.
by TooSick4U April 27, 2010

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Butt Blossom: anus; asshole the look of an anus; or someone who acts like an asshole
Dee yelled at Hank, "You are acting like a butt blossom again, you fart brained ass munch."
by TooSick4U March 22, 2007

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quick nut: the speedy release of sexual tension without the purpose of sexual gratification but release of tension itself
Man, I don't care if I fuck or jerk off, but I need a quick nut before the big proposal so I can concentrate on the presentation.
by TooSick4U December 21, 2009

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Vagaterian - one who eats vaginia (performs cunnilingus) but ususally refers to lesbians (e.g., as used in the movie, Imagine You & Me).
Jane is one hot vagaterian; she is one woman who really likes being down on the hot muffin.
by TooSick4U December 20, 2006

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Hook Up Bitch: a female that men use for sex but is not suitable for serious dating
Stephie ain't my girlfriend; she's my hook up bitch.
by TooSick4U May 29, 2009

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1. To be brought to orgasim by verbal persuasion

2. To be faked into thinking sex is imminent
1. Dannelle is one hot talker; she can talk me off without my hands ever leaving my phone.

2. Jessie is a tease; she will talk me off again and again, but I am stupid enough to keep going back to get blue balls.
by TooSick4U November 04, 2006

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