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rolling like thunder, striking like lightning: to excel
Every crunch time, Ben was rolling like thunder, striking like lightning.
by TooSick4U June 2, 2013
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Speedo torpedo: sporting an penile erection when wearing an overly tight bathing suit, such as a Speedo.
Stepanie said to Michelle, "Check out that self-deluded tool, he thinks he looks hot sporting a Speedo torpedo. He makes me want to spew."
by TooSick4U June 17, 2007
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Stroke Stack: a large collection of adult magazine (e.g., Playboy, Penthouse, Oui) that were usually hidden from your mom; magazines collected for the purpose of masturbation.
My mom cleaned my room and she almost found my stroke stack.
by TooSick4U February 5, 2021
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glass headboard - the highest position a woman can achieve through the exchange of sexual prowess for executive power
Stephanie has hit the glass headboard; Bob won't promote her past regional manager no matter how good she is in bed.
by TooSick4U August 27, 2008
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car cancer is rust, generally caused by road salts used to remove ice and snow from the roads.
My winter beater has some serious car cancer. She runs well, but the poor girl is held together with prayers and wire.
by TooSick4U April 12, 2007
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brownie drop off: to have a bowel movement; a relief like dropping off your daughters for meeting of the Brownies.
Feeling so good; I had a brownie drop off. It's a load off my mind.
by TooSick4U March 15, 2014
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mandelier - the dangling part of the male genitals, i.e., testicles
Rich said to Keith, "I ain't no meatgazer, but I couldn't help but see Brian has a huge mandelier, boy, they hang down to his freakin' knees!"
by TooSick4U April 5, 2008
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