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Alch-Calc: the calculation required to determine how long you will need to exercise non-stop to burn off the calories accumulated from drinking alchohol during a particular alchohol consumption opportunity.
Damn, I drank like a fish last night! My Alch-Calc is 25 hours!
by Tomicus April 06, 2009

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A so called "Leadership" conference put on by companies who's managers are clueless.
I have a Crapference scheduled for the 25th of next month so I won't be able to get any work done.
by Tomicus January 31, 2009

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The tongue-in-cheek title of the latest Star Trek film released in 2009 and masterfully produced and directed by JJ Abrams.
Dude, I loved that movie, but I couldn't figure out how to refer to it after all the other Star Trek films. I finally settled on Star Trek: The Glare Generation because of its cool futuristic lighting style.
by Tomicus May 17, 2009

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Belief in the economic theory that it is possible to SPEND one's way out of bankruptcy.
"The legislature engaged in Mommieconomics when they passed the 800 gazillion dollar spending budget for this fiscal year. "
by Tomicus February 25, 2009

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The 2009 H1N1 Virus which is believed to be made up of Human, Swine, and Bird parts.
The chance of getting this new virus from pigs, birds and people in the spring is about one chance in a million. I think that's why we call it the when pigs fly virus.
by Tomicus May 10, 2009

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Employing the use of the "force of government" by a religious group or sect in order to impose a belief system, behavior system, or series of customs on members of a society or collection of societies under the premise that it is a "god(s) will."

This may be achieved by legislation, judicial means, direct executive action, or by the employment of the government educational system.

Generally achieved by social, emotional, philosophical, or directly physical intimidation.

"The way those people are treated is simply Talibanical. What business is it of the government anyway whether someone is married or unmarried. I mean besides the confiscation of their hard earned money so that government can give it to me of course."
by Tomicus April 20, 2009

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The belief in the economic theory of Spendenomics in which you can SAVE money by SPENDING money or by BUYING things on sale that you don't need. Closely related to Mommieconomics.

I was using the theory of spendonomics when I bought the lawnmower on sale. Now I am uncertain which closet in my apartment I should store it in.
by Tomicus April 06, 2009

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