11 definitions by Tobias

someone with an aggressively negative attitude
I have to avoid him because he's just a naysayer. He drains my batteries.
by Tobias January 9, 2004
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The god of the Peens. He who rules with the mighty peen-hammer.
All peensters bow before Morgoth!
by Tobias May 6, 2004
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The center of reality. The point at which all universes, all times, all of existence, meets.

Whether or not the Dark Tower appeared after the Prim receded or if it has always existed is unknown.

Humanity in its great ignorance attempted to toy with the Tower in some way, form, or fashion, and managed to unbalance it, requiring support beams to hold it up.

The beams are beams of force that run through all realities. There are Six beams that are guarded by twelves guardians, with a single lost guardian at the top.

If the Tower falls, then reality recedes like a scroll, ending instantaneously all of existence.

May only be entered by one carring a sigil of Arthur Eld.

See the World Tree, Yggdrasil, Axis Mundi.
Childe Roland to the Dark Tower came.
by Tobias February 10, 2005
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A person with poor social skills and a limited abillity to interact with other people.

Someone you would rather not have to spend any length of time with.
Shut up Frosty you goon.
Are the goons coming to the pub tonight?
by Tobias July 14, 2004
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House, Home, Where you live, Domicile
"What be the shizzle at the hizzle, my nizzle?"

Translation: "What's happening at your house, my friend?"
by Tobias January 19, 2004
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