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someone with an aggressively negative attitude
I have to avoid him because he's just a naysayer. He drains my batteries.
by tobias January 9, 2004
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The god of the Peens. He who rules with the mighty peen-hammer.
All peensters bow before Morgoth!
by tobias May 6, 2004
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House, Home, Where you live, Domicile
"What be the shizzle at the hizzle, my nizzle?"

Translation: "What's happening at your house, my friend?"
by tobias January 19, 2004
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A person with poor social skills and a limited abillity to interact with other people.

Someone you would rather not have to spend any length of time with.
Shut up Frosty you goon.
Are the goons coming to the pub tonight?
by tobias July 14, 2004
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An intoxicating drink named for Sam Boundy discovered by wise and venerable bath lacrosse members of old. not by the hockey team or any of the other numpty teams that claimed to have invented it. Tastes sweet but kicks you in the head in the morning.
Student: "can i have a boundy please barmaid"
Barmaid: "whats that"
Student: "well it used to be half a pint of frosty jacks topped up with a bottle of orange WKD but seeing as you no longer sell this fine cider I will have a boundy light, simply replace frosty jacks with blackthorn"
Barmaid: "you guys are wankers"
by tobias February 23, 2005
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