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A vacation that is limited to a local area such as the same city or county you live in as long as its not based in your own house.

Some help to describe
It can be as close as staying in your next door neighbor house or a hotel accross town. You could be staying somewhere in the next town, or as far as the hotel nearest to the county line. The idea is not to leave your local area.

They dont like to travel far, wanna seem out of town so they can get sex, too afraid to leave the local area, financially cant afford a vacation.
Woman: well there you go again vern. Your so afraid of leaving this town your taking provincation .... in a hotel in the the next town over.

Vern: Its a tourist trap city. It counts as a vacation spot
by Theamazinggeek March 10, 2018
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A term for a pre valentines or post valentines day. Spent on this day due to scheduling or cheaper valentines candy and gifts.
The couple spent a lovely pseudo valentines day one day before the real one. They were lovey dovey the entire day so when they worked the next day there would be no loneliness
by Theamazinggeek January 13, 2018
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Asked to and then playing the scapegoat for someone elses problem or mistake. (Sometimes without reguard to to the consequences). This is not to be taken likely as the ramifications could be dire or legally destructive to your life.

This is a tough, normally noble thing.

For further reference please see oliver north and the iran-contra affair
"Your really gonna pull an oliver north and take the blame for his bad decision"
by Theamazinggeek February 26, 2018
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The act of shifting blame to, asking your, or allowing your subordinate to take blame. Much like what happened with reagan and oliver north.

And possibly pardoning or rehiring the individual later.
You told your sou chef to take the blame in front the owner. You know you just pulled a reagan
by Theamazinggeek February 23, 2018
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*to be avoided.

1) A single party full of cougars. usually a clever trap set by a cougar or several cougars all hoping to ensare the young men of an area.

2) a cougar isolated her prey in her home.

for reference Please see the following movies : "The graduate", and "Behaving Badly"

The second definition will apply when the cougar is about to "attack" her sons best friend
and after the woman sent her son jake to the store. joe his best friend realized he has been set up for a puma trap.
by Theamazinggeek April 15, 2015
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1. A joke thats repeated over and over

2. A joke/gag repeated over and over in a small spanse of time

3. An event in a persons life (comical or tragic. Ironic or not) that repeats regularly.
You getting sat on so often must be one of life's running gags
by Theamazinggeek March 02, 2019
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an innocent Niave person who is used as a shield or sacrifice
Quick throw Carl to the cougars.

What why ?
he makes a perfect Sacrificial lamb
by Theamazinggeek March 08, 2015
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