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a somewhat popular series of manga by Aya Kanno.

>a man who has feminine hobbies and skills and a feminine way of thinking.

>a girlish guy.
the otomen declined his friends' offer to play basketball, and to made a fancy (cute) bento instead.
by Mardem June 03, 2009
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In reference to the manga series Otomen.

A term for a guy with femine characteristics, pursuits, skills,hobbies or lifestyle. Often these are mistaken as being gay. They are heterosexual (straight). If there is a similar word SNAG or metrosexual maybe close.

Otomen are sensitive, emotional types prone to neing needy and demanding.

Otomen have a love to cook, clean, sews. Normally polite, loyal, honest, shy and not mechanically inclined. Otomen are more timid and sensitive than most, and so relationships are hard for them. Otomen are fun, happy persons with, good hygiene, and his clothes are neat. Otomen are reserved and silent. Otomen are types wanting to be held than to hold. Roles are reversed as Otomen are one to be rescued not the rescuers. Otomen are fearful of horror films and try not to go near conflict. Otomen are usually more sensative to there partners needs both emotionally and physically. Otomen can be often be submissive or have submissive personalities and are often used n abused.

Otomen usually seek women with strong dominant or masculine personalites due to making up for what they feel they lack. It is to note they are super touchy on the subject of there masculinity. It is best not to bring up the subject or call it into question.

On a final note Otomen are more likely to end up being house husbands.
Girl a:Yo hes not gay, hes sorta metro, sorta snag.... there gotta be a word for it.
Girl b: a little otomen.
Girl a: theres a word.
by Theamazinggeek January 10, 2018
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