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Nickname for the Predator that gets all friendly with the black girl in the film Alien vs Predator.

Matt: "Oh boy, Friendators sure are scary. I hope one doesn't give me some presents and run away from explosions with me in slow motion like we're best fucking friends on Baywatch."

Jeff: "Jealous?"
by Jeffklein December 23, 2005
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A combination of the words friend and predator

A creepy ex girlfriend or boyfriend. A obsessive girl or guy whom is that into you. The kinda person you can call a fangirl or fanboy of plain ole you.

Note the person doesnt necessarily have to be an ex. It can be someone who just doesnt take no. The friend who gets too close in a creepy way.

A similar word is yandere.
In japan see : Kotonoha Katsura, yuno gasai

In the usa see: knives chau
Jenny: Your ex girlfriend is such friendator , acting like a pretty little friend of yours, acting like she dont want you back.
by Theamazinggeek June 11, 2018
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