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A waste of money. The base game is overpriced, and the DLCs are even worse. There are microtransactions galore. The storyline is shallow, and the naming is shit. Like, a 3 year old can think of the name "Curse of Osiris", and "Forsaken". Also the game design is decent, but we've all seen better.

Moral of the story: Just get Warframe
Destiny 2 player: Did you buy the Destiny 2 Forsaken DLC

Other guy: Forsaken? More like Foreskin!!!

Destiny 2 player: *dies*
by TheExtremeEvoker March 15, 2019
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Having little health, shield, or overall limited survivability. Used by gamers to describe a shit charachter/avatar.
Warframe Player 1: I main Limbo.

Warframe Player 2: Fuck Limbo! He's squishy as fuck! And don't you dare use stasis!!!
by TheExtremeEvoker March 13, 2019
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Absolute piece of shit. Everyone has to fucking take it. You're better off holding a gun to your head and pulling the trigger.
Student1: I have to study for the SAT.
Student2: Don't, how about we both kill ourselves?

Student1: Good idea!
*Both shoot themselves*
by TheExtremeEvoker December 24, 2018
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A Minecraft Server with very strict rules. Swearing is usually prohibited. Heck and Frick are not allowed, but using the Lord's name in ANY WAY is prohibited. (Yes I actually went on a Christian Server, and saying OMG is not allowed.)
Player: Oh frick!
by TheExtremeEvoker December 24, 2018
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EA: Makes Starwars Battlefront and rips off players

Result: Stocks drop and now the whole world hates them

EA: Shocked Pikachu Face
by TheExtremeEvoker March 8, 2019
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Stuff parents, schools, and retards put on computers to block most bad websites. Sometimes it just blocks out porn and drug websites, but other times it blocks EVERY FUCKING WEBSITE such as Youtube, Agar.io, and any fun social media site.

Only retards use parental controls.
I want to bust a huge nut but my school has extremely strict parental controls
by TheExtremeEvoker August 14, 2018
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a piece of shit. The router is a total trash can which someone has previously shat in.
Person 1: School wifi is shit!
Person 2: True
by TheExtremeEvoker September 7, 2018
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