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An app which is a chat for gamers. They caused Skype and Teamspeak to go extinct. Most communities are nice. They are gaming related, anime related, book related, or from anything else on the internet.

There are also sketchy channels that do porn, drug deals, pedophilia, and conspiracy. Just don't go on those channels or you most likely see something you wish you didn't.
Discord: Omae wa moi shindeiru!

Skype and Teamspeak: NANI?!
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by TheExtremeEvoker August 12, 2018

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A Minecraft Server with very strict rules. Swearing is usually prohibited. Heck and Frick are not allowed, but using the Lord's name in ANY WAY is prohibited. (Yes I actually went on a Christian Server, and saying OMG is not allowed.)
Player: Oh frick!
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by TheExtremeEvoker December 24, 2018

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A fruit, commonly eaten by Millenials
Millenial: I have no money, no house, no car, but a lifetime supply of avocadoes
by TheExtremeEvoker August 26, 2018

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Stuff parents, schools, and retards put on computers to block most bad websites. Sometimes it just blocks out porn and drug websites, but other times it blocks EVERY FUCKING WEBSITE such as Youtube, Agar.io, and any fun social media site.

Only retards use parental controls.
I want to bust a huge nut but my school has extremely strict parental controls
by TheExtremeEvoker August 14, 2018

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a piece of shit. The router is a total trash can which someone has previously shat in.
Person 1: School wifi is shit!
Person 2: True
by TheExtremeEvoker September 07, 2018

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A bible thumper is an EXTREMELY religious person. Not just a regular christian, most regular christians are pretty chill. A bible thumper would be:
-A person preaching in the subway or the sreets
-A person who does NOT respect your religious opinion

-Going to extreme measures to practice their religion.
Guy: *sits down at the subway*

Bible Thumper: Excuse me, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Jesus Christ?
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by TheExtremeEvoker March 06, 2019

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A stupid loser who brings his dad's shotgun to school and takes out some bullies because he doesn't know how. They are running rampant on America.
Guy on the news: There has been another school shooter...

Person 2: Just another day in America!
by TheExtremeEvoker August 12, 2018

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